Prepare Your Home in Case There's a Blackout

Prepare Your Home in Case There's a Blackout

Reliable generator installation services in Hampstead & Hampton, NH & the Surrounding Areas

Bad weather and storms can knock out your power for undetermined lengths of time. Omni Electrical, Inc. can perform a generator installation at your home or commercial property quickly. A team member will examine your property and recommend a generator size based on your building's specific needs. We can install standby or portable generators as well.

We prefer to work with Generac products because of their dependability. Regardless of what generator you choose, we will purchase the unit and schedule the generator installation for you. We'll also provide seasonal generator maintenance for your new unit in Hampstead & Hampton, NH. Contact Omni Electrical today to schedule an appointment.

Reap the benefits of a backup generator

If the power goes out and you have a backup generator that's compatible with your home or commercial property, you can avoid dealing with a long list of issues. Omni Electrical offers seasonal generator maintenance so your unit is always ready to go.

If the power goes out, your backup generator will:

  • Deliver power to your home during a blackout fast
  • Power your HVAC system and other appliances
  • Help you feel comfortable and safe in your home during emergencies
  • Protect your home from power surges and dangerous voltage fluctuations
  • Provide your loved ones or employees with peace of mind during an emergency

Call 603-303-0608 today to schedule a generator installation appointment.