Are You Living in an Outdated Home?

Are You Living in an Outdated Home?

Turn to us for an electric panel upgrade in Hampstead & Hampton, NH & the Surrounding Areas

Older homes don't always meet modern electrical codes. Updating your electrical panel is a great way to avoid electrical problems in your house. You should trust a seasoned professional to perform your electric panel upgrade. Omni Electrical, Inc. is made up of knowledgeable electricians who can help you with all your electrical needs in Hampstead & Hampton, NH. To find out if it's time for an electrical service upgrade, call 603-303-0608 today.

5 signs you need to upgrade your electrical panel

An electrical panel is one of the most important parts of your home. It delivers electricity safely throughout your house. You need an electric panel upgrade if you're:

1. Living in an older home
2. Using extension cords year-round
3. Utilizing fuses, not circuit breakers
4. Tripping your breakers frequently
5. Upgrading your appliances

If you're dealing with any of the above scenarios, schedule an electrical service upgrade immediately. Omni Electrical will make an appointment with you ASAP.